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Vermont Inmate Search

Updated on: September 10, 2023

The Vermont Department of Corrections, VT DOC, in association with JailTracker, has an official inmate lookup service that's centralized and internet-based. It is known as the Vermont Inmate Locator, and it offers authorized users access to an offender's profile using particulars such as:

  • An inmate's first, last, and middle names
  • Their date of birth
  • VT DOC number for state inmates

Once you've validated two or all of these parameters, you're directed to a page containing the details of all inmates that fit your search criteria. The information displayed includes the inmate's custody location, jacket number, full name, and booking date.

Selecting one of the rows on this page brings up a detailed section containing that individual's mugshot, age, race, release date, and information regarding their release or parole. A row of data also details the offender's charges, case number, arresting agency, known aliases, and custody status.

If you create an account with VTCourtsOnline, you will also have access to inmate court information including docket number, bond type, amount, and pending appearances. Preferably you'll find the inmate for whom you recognize or identify their details as matching your search.

The inmate lookup service by the VT DOC is open to the public for use, and you can also locate ex-convicts using this function. It's only useful if the inmate you're looking for is in a state prison, as county offenders are under the jurisdiction of the sheriff's offices and police departments around the state.

Vermont Jails Roster

Due to state legislation, sheriff and police departments in Vermont maintain databases for offenders held in county and city jails throughout the state. While these agencies can share and cooperate on criminal records, each facility runs a jail roster where you can locate incarcerated offenders.

Records in Vermont County and city jails are regularly updated due to the high turnover of inmates at these facilities. That's because many of these offenders are currently attending court proceedings, in transit to state or federal prisons, or are serving short sentences of less than two or three years.

To pick up an offender's trail in any of the counties in Vermont, visit the specific sheriff or police department website to use their inmate locator tools. Alternatively, you can visit the said jail and ask to peruse their roster, where you'll find:

  • An inmate's details including name, date of birth, race, aliases, and a mugshot
  • Their court records and police or sheriff's office reports
  • Arrest records, warrants, and status of their case
  • Release, parole, or probation details

The Vermont records act makes this information and other available data on request access to the public and any stakeholders or agencies. Inmate records are treated as public information, which means third-party websites also exist where you can obtain these details.

You may also obtain information on specific individuals through the Vermont sex offender registry, where search parameters include names, and city, town, or county locations. Results for these searches return offenders labeled compliant or non-compliant and their risk levels.

About the Vermont State Sheriff's Association

The Vermont State Sheriff Association was inaugurated in 1997, headquartered in Bennington, VT, and operates on the slogan, "the security of our towns and prosperity of Vermonters." Its mission is the welfare and education of law enforcement officers and improving accountability needed to run these offices throughout the state.

The VSSA maintains training and education programs for county sheriffs, deputies, and other law enforcement agencies to support better law enforcement. Since Vermont citizens depend on their sheriff to keep their community crime free and safe, the association welcomes business, family, and individual members.

It also accepts outright donations to facilitate the remuneration of staff, programs, and scholarships offered to law enforcement participants. The VSSA is a nonprofit organization certified by the state of Vermont and meets all educational and training requirements set by the Criminal Justice Training Council.

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Windsor County Jail County Jail Windsor County
Windham County Jail County Jail Windham County
Bennington County Jail County Jail Bennington County
Caledonia County Jail County Jail Caledonia County
Addison County Jail County Jail Addison County
Orleans County Jail County Jail Orleans County
Grand Isle County Jail County Jail Grand Isle County
Essex County Jail County Jail Essex County
Orange County Jail County Jail Orange County
Washington County Jail County Jail Washington County