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New Hampshire Inmate Search

Updated on: September 14, 2023
New Hampshire

New Hampshire inmate records allow you to perform inmate lookup and find out all information about the inmates held in all the correctional facilities in the state.

These records provide both personal and administrative data of the inmates. The information contained includes date of birth, name, charges, release date, probation status, physical descriptions, and sentencing information.

The inmate records are publicly available as per the New Hampshire Right To Know Law. So, you can check them from government agencies, third-party organizations, and websites. To check inmates’ details, you should provide their names as they are in the records. You should also include the state, county, and city where they reside.

However, it’s good to note that information on juveniles is not provided to the public. Their information is protected and you can only access it by contacting the correctional facility they are incarcerated.

New Hampshire Inmate Lookup

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC) runs and keeps records for incarcerated inmates. Thus, you can perform a New Hampshire inmate lookup on the agency website using full or partial information about the inmate.

You can search with the offender’s first or last name to view data on all the offenders with similar details. The data you get would include the inmate’s name, the sentencing court, age, the facility they are incarcerated, the date the crime was committed, probable release date, or the date they are eligible for parole. To get more precise results, it’s always good to use the full information instead of the partial information feature.

While you can do the New Hampshire inmate lookup by name, some other critical information may not be shown. For instance, the release date may not be disclosed because the institution may view it as private and confidential if they feel that disclosing it puts the offender under a high-security threat. To get such information, you can contact:

New Hampshire Department of Corrections

105 Pleasant Street

P.O. Box 1806

Concord NH 03302-1806

Phone: (603) 271-5600

New Hampshire Jails Roster

Each county in the state has its own corrections department that keeps the jail roster containing the details of the inmates. You can access the jail roster by contacting the department by mail or phone. You can also visit the jail during business hours to check the roster.

Alternatively, access the New Hampshire jails roster from the official website. For example, Belknap County Department of Corrections has an online inmate search tool that provides you with a jail roster. Here you can find the full name, gender, booking number, and age range of all the inmate help in the county.

Note that you may not get information about the inmates arrested and released the same day in New Hampshire jails roster. This is because it takes a few days for all the inmate details to be entered in the roster.

New Hampshire Sheriffs Association 

The New Hampshire Sheriffs Association is a nonprofit organization with ten elected Sheriffs. Through it, the Sheriffs work to promote the professional law enforcement services their offices offer to the citizens.

The mission of the New Hampshire Sheriffs Association involves various areas. The association’s main goal is to ensure public safety is enhanced. It does this by ensuring that the Sheriffs and their staff are equipped with the right knowledge and training on law enforcement issues.

The association works with other law enforcement agencies to ensure that the work-life challenges the law enforcers face are addressed effectively. It creates laws that promote not only public safety but also the working conditions of law enforcers.

New Hampshire Sheriffs Association also works towards improving the lives in the community. For instance, it offers educational scholarships and fundraising events to promote community well-being and other activities.

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