The Sheriff’s Office’s mission and vision statement revolves around one major concept, that being the importance of community involvement. Nowhere else is this more evident then with in our reserve force.

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office has seven (7) distinct auxiliary Reserve Units. Six (6) units fall under the supervision of the Uniform Services Captain with the seventh (7th) unit falling under the supervision of the Administrative Services Captain.

Each unit has its own individual governing board. Each unit is strictly volunteer and provides all their own equipment and uniforms including horse and/or motorcycle. Each unit is requested to attend many events throughout the County including parades and special details. All officers are bound by the Rules and Regulations of their unit and they serve at the discretion of the Sheriff.

The Sheriff Explorers are a group of teens between the ages of 14 and 20 interested in a career in law enforcement.  Explorers learn about essential police functions from regular deputies and other agencies from around the state.  Explorers often help with public functions such as student patrols, parades, and traffic details.

The ACE Unit (Accessibility Compliance Enforcement ) reserves write tickets to vehicles with expired handicapped parking placards, vehicles parked illegally in the stripped zone designated for lift-equipped vans, and vehicles which illegally display a permit.

The Mounted Unit uses horses for parades and also have patrolled during events held at Freedom Hill County Park during the summer months to assist with traffic and crowd control.

The Motor Unit assists with Halloween patrols, parades, and is also utilized for dignitary protection and motorcades.

The Marine Safety Officers provide many hours of their time teaching boating safety classes nearly all year long. They also provide assistance at the boathouse during the summer months monitoring the marine radio and patrolling the waterways.

The Mountain Bike Unit, Air Unit, ATV Unit and Cyber Crimes Unit are the newest units and were formed in the Spring 2004.

Applications are taken at any time. The Marine Safety Officer program reviews applications in January of each year due to the Training Academy that runs from March – May. The Mounted Unit reviews applications as they are received. The Motor Unit reviews applications quarterly.

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