The Macomb County Jail currently has a 1,238 rated design capacity. The jail houses pre-trial detainees and prisoners sentenced to one year or less. The facility is staffed by Corrections Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Sheriff Command Officers, and a variety of support staff and volunteers. Many programs at the Macomb County Jail help to assist in providing services and the life skills necessary to help reduce recidivism.
Some of these programs include:
    Community Corrections
    Correctional Medical Services (Our Jail's
    Medical, Dental & Psychological Care Provider)

    L'Anse Creuse Correctional Education
    Work Release Program
    Clinton Counseling - Substance Abuse
    Treatment Services

    Community Service Alternatives for Non-violent Offenders
    Jail Ministry / Religious Volunteers
    Inmate Trusty Work Details
    Prisoner Pay to Stay Program