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The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that we have established a

Youth Law Enforcement Academy for high school students. In an effort to gain an

adequate representation of the high school students in Macomb County, we are allowing

each high school an opportunity to select two students to attend this Academy.

The Youth Law Enforcement Academy will provide the students with a basic overview

of the law enforcement field. Additionally, those students who are interested in this field

of study will gain significant information, which will assist them in making informed

choices about their future careers.

The selected students and his or her family will not incur any expenses. The Youth

Academy is free of charge. It begins October 14

November 4

It will be held at the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, Training Division (West

Entrance/Back of the Building). It should not interfere with the student’s school

activities. The deadline for registration is October 7

complete and fax the enclosed (2) forms to (586) 469-7562. Please make additional

copies of the forms if needed. If you have any questions please call the Training Division

at (586) 307-9317. Please advise the students participating to dress appropriately

(business casual).

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office is looking forward to having a student from your

school attend our Youth Law Enforcement Academy

th and continues on October 21st,th and November 11th 2014 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 Please have your selected student
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