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In March of 2008, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office began a new volunteer reserve program of local citizens, to enforce handicapped parking violations.

ACE ( Accessibility Compliance Enforcement ) reserves write tickets to vehicles with expired handicapped parking placards, vehicles parked illegally in the stripped zone designated for lift-equipped vans, and vehicles which illegally display a permit.

This civilian reserve team looks for parking spaces designated for people with disabilities. They are looking for proper display of handicapped parking placards which are current and valid. This parking enforcement specialist may issue a valid parking citation or, in cases of a minor violation - a warning


We will not be taking any reserve applications for the year of 2016, as we have no vacancies.  Please check back next year, if you're interested.
Thank you!

Please fill out our application here and submit to: Captain Baker, C/O MACOMB COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE
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