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M.A.C.E. 2010

The Macomb Area Computer Enforcement unit has been in operation for approximately 10 years.  With three criminal investigators and two forensic investigators, the unit opened 621 cases compared to 563 cases in 2009. This year, the M.A.C.E. unit arrested 32 subjects for various criminal activities; we have executed 140 search warrants.    In 2010 M.A.C.E. has experienced a large increase of various crimes with the use of cell phones. M.A.C.E. has been able to complete over 80 cell phone examinations. Each defendant must pay $1,000.00 in restitution to M.A.C.E. which is placed back into the Macomb County general fund.

The average time on an investigation where a suspect is verified, may take two to three days of preliminary investigation.  A search warrant may be required for subscriber information and it usually takes up to four weeks for a return of information.  

M.A.C.E. has continued the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Michigan ICAC for a forensic investigator to work part-time out of the Livonia ICAC office.  MACE has continued a close relationship with the Michigan ICAC (Internet Crimes against Children).  This partnership has continued to benefit all parties involves.  This partnership has allowed for additional technical assistance, Licenses and training which M.A.C.E. Detectives would have not otherwise had access to. The necessary training and equipment received by M.A.C.E. Detectives has been completely funded by ICAC and has saved the County of Macomb over
$10,000.00, a significant amount of money.

In August 2010, MACE received $25,000.00 worth of equipment assist with the continuing battle of Child Exploitation. In October 2010, MACE has been temporarily relocated to the SET office during the FBI renovation of the new MACE office space. M.A.C.E. has continued a great relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  The FBI continues to supply M.A.C.E. with office space, vehicles and the necessary equipment for everyday operations and additional training and forensic equipment.

M.A.C.E. has continued to see an increase of frauds, identity thefts and Nigerian scams.  These cases are difficult to investigate due to wireless internet access throughout the county.  M.A.C.E. investigators have been able to successfully investigate and prosecute individuals committing these types of crimes.

M.A.C.E. has seen a large increase in examination time of digital media due to the increase in hard drive capacity and influx of other media storage devices.  The execution of search warrants on a suspect residence has produced an average of three computers which may include up to three hard drives per computer in addition to other media storage devices (thumb drives, DVD’s, CDR’s, cell phones, ipods, etc.)

During 2010 we have seen a continuing increase of online games including Play station 3, PSP, Nintendo DS, XBOX 360 and the WII.  All of these console games become chat rooms.  We have received reports of children being solicited by other members playing these games.  In order for M.A.C.E. to conduct investigations on these particular chat rooms, we will need the necessary tools and equipment to combat these types of crimes.

M.A.C.E. continues to assist with local schools in a prevention and education role.  Presentations increased in 2010, to educate all grade levels of students, their teachers and parents regarding cyber crime and safe use of the Internet. Due to the increase M.A.C.E. has launched a new Reserve Internet Safety Program.  The Reserves Unit has and will continue to presenting to local schools, senior centers and various communities throughout the Macomb County area.  M.A.C.E. Reserve Officers along with M.A.C.E. Detectives have presented more than 68, presentations in 2010.


M.A.C.E. has Reserve Officers who are trained in presenting and assisting with local schools and parents in a prevention and education role.

Click here if you would like a M.A.C.E. Presentation from one of our officer.



Warren, MI
M.A.C.E. detectives received an investigative lead from the FBI office that an individual in Macomb County was continuously posting messages on an Internet chat channel that he was in search of an infant to toddler age girl to molest. The suspect was looking to share files. The undercover officer was able to make contact with the suspect. The Suspect allowed the undercover his file share. The undercover was able to obtain numerous Child Pornography images. The images were sexually explicit of toddler and infant girls that were being molested by adult males.

Mace Detectives were able to locate the suspect and make an arrest. The suspect admitted to molesting a 2 year old little girl whom he babysat. The suspect also admitted that he was actively looking for an infant to toddler age girl that he could be with.

This person was charged federally and pled guilty to Distributing Child pornography. He was sentenced in January, 2009 to 20 years federal prison.

Chesterfield Twp, MI
M.A.C.E. detectives received a call from Warren P.D. to assist and take a complaint from a concerned citizen regarding child pornography and the solicitation of a 9 year old boy. M.A.C.E. detectives met with the complainant.

M.A.C.E. detectives executed emergency search warrants and obtained phone and computer information. MACE Detectives were able to confirm that a 9 year old boy lived at a residence in the Chesterfield Township and was in danger. Child Protective Service was contacted and was there when M.A.C.E. executed the search warrant on the residence. It was discovered that the suspect had two boys 9 & 4 years of age. The boys were turned over to Child Protective Service, who transported them to foster care. The Suspect, his wife and the suspect’s two children were home when M.A.C.E. executed the search warrant on the residence.

The suspect admitted that he had taken numerous naked photos of both his son’s and had sent them over the internet to others. The suspect also admitted to having performed sex acts with both of his boys more than a handful of times. The suspect stated that he is bi-sexual and has a sexual addiction.

The suspect is charged with CSC 1 st degree, multiple counts of Child Sexually abusive Activity, Distribution of Child Pornography and possession of Child Pornography.

Bruce Twp, MI
M.A.C.E. Detectives received information from a Deputy that took a report from a resident who noticed a camera was placed in their 10 year old daughter’s bathroom. The resident stated they believed that their neighbor, who lives across the street, is the most likely person who would put a camera in their daughter’s bathroom.

The neighbor confessed to M.A.C.E. detectives that he had installed the camera in the 11 year old’s bathroom with hopes to view her naked. M.A.C.E. Detectives recovered a video of what appears to be of the 11 year old girl naked getting into the shower.

The neighbor was charged federally and pled guilty to possession of child pornography. This individual is scheduled to be sentenced in January of 2010.





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