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The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office Youth Bureau handles many different assignments including all juvenile complaints.  These complaints range from incorrigibility and truancy to Criminal Sexual Conduct, Robbery and death investigations.

The Youth Bureau also administers D.A.R.E. education in Chippewa Valley, Utica, and Mt. Clemens school districts as well as with 3 private schools.  D.A.R.E. was taught to 1266  5th grade students in 14 different schools.

A school liaison officer is assigned to Chippewa Valley School District who is primarily assigned to Dakota High School. The liaison officer handles the issues at that campus, where the daily population is near 3,000 people.  He serves as a first responder, police officer, resource contact for parents and administration, and is front line in security for all in attendance there. He is also available in the evenings and is active in school issues and events.

As of May 2011, The Youth Bureau has investigated over 400 complaints.
In 2010 the Youth Bureau handled 805 investigative complaints.  Of those complaints, 401 juvenile petitions were generated.

May 2010
Death Investigation:  A 1 year old child died of an apparent overdose on Dephenhydramine (cold medicine) in Mt. Clemens.  The victims mother ,a 14 year old female, was charged in the child’s death.  The case is still awaiting a court date.

June 2010
Computer Threats/Harassment:  A 16 year old male posted nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook.  He hacked into her account and changed her password and information.  He was charged and court disposition is pending. 

Computer crimes/threats/ harassment are on the rise and internet based crimes and calls for service and increasing.

July 2010
UDAA/Fleeing and Eluding:  A 15 year old male stole his mothers car in the city of Roseville. He then fled from police in several different jurisdictions and then stole another vehicle from the Serra car dealership in Washington Twp. He was located and charged with several felonies by our department.

August 2010
Unarmed Robbery:  A 50 year old blind man walking with a cane on  a Mt. Clemens street was attacked and robbed of $600 by 2 suspects. The juvenile suspect plead guilty to unarmed robbery and sentenced to the family keys program at the JJC.

December 2010
Fatal Accident Investigation:  A 16 year old female was the at fault driver in a 2 car crash.  She failed to stop for a red traffic signal and collided with another vehicle, the result was another 16 year old female sustained fatal injuries.  The suspect has been charged criminally in Juvenile Court

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