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Phone Numbers to reach us:

For court addresses and phone numbers, click Here.

Click here for a list of Bail Bond Agencies

To look up Circuit Court cases, click here.

Helpful information:

  •  Everyone who is booked into the Macomb County Jail is charged a fee of $12.00 as a booking fee. (This is a state program to provide funding for Correctional Officer training)
  •  For every warrant for which you are posting bond, there is an additional $10.00 fee for processing that warrant. (This is a State mandate)
  •  The busiest time for posting bond is between 5PM and 8PM. Expect a long delay during this period.
  • Between the hours of 12 noon and 1PM and again between the hours of 7PM and 8PM, the Jail Office is short-staffed due to lunches. Try to avoid calling during these times as there are not as many people to answer your calls.
  • When you post bond at the court, the court should send us information that you have done so. The inmate cannot be released until we receive the paperwork from the court. 

It may take up to two hours to process a prisoner for release, depending on the activity level in the jail and the housing location of the inmate. Please plan your time accordingly.

Want to find out if someone is in Jail. Click this link, select "Michigan" and then select "Offenders"
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