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Detective Bureau

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau consists of trained detectives who investigate a variety of criminal complaints. Each detective receives training in all aspects of investigations including interviewing, evidence collection, proper procedures, law and other various topics that relate to criminal investigations. The Detective Bureau is led by a detective lieutenant who oversees all operations. The next in command is an administrative sergeant who handles the day-to-day operations and to see that the Bureau runs smoothly and efficiently. Detectives are assigned to handle the criminal complaints in our Patrol area which consists of the Townships of Macomb, Washington, Bruce, Ray, Lenox, Richmond, Armada and Harrison.

The detectives also investigate criminal complaints in other Macomb County venues that arise or are referred by other Macomb County police agencies. The Detective Bureau has two secretaries to assist with the clerical duties. The Detective Bureau oversees the polygraph unit. Polygraph examinations are conducted for cases handled by Sheriff’s detectives, as well as any other agency upon request.

The Detective Bureau also oversees the FOC Enforcement Team and the Computer Crimes Unit (MACE).

The FOC Enforcement Team handles outstanding warrants for subjects who fail to pay their Child Support.

MACE is managed by an Administrative Sergeant. The unit handles numerous Internet Fraud complaints as well as Child Predator Cases

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