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UPDATED: July 8, 2015

· While you are in the Macomb County Jail your address will be as follows:

Name, (inmate number, if known)

P.O. Box 2308

Mount Clemens, Michigan 48046-2308

· Legal/privileged mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate and checked for contraband.  All other incoming mail will be checked for contraband prior to delivery.

· Incoming personal mail containing unauthorized/prohibited items will be placed in your property.  Prohibited items include but are not limited to: nude, pornographic, explicit or inappropriate photos/materials, postage stamps, food items, checks, bills, receipts, envelopes, labels, oversized cards, Polaroid’s, magnets,stickers, ribbon, etc.

· Outgoing mail without proper postage and return address will not be delivered.

· Inmate to inmate mail (within the facility) is prohibited.

· Soft covered books received directly from a non-retail distributor will be accepted. Prepaid magazine or newspaper subscriptions mailed directly to the inmate will also be accepted.  Materials which may create a threat to jail order, or contain sexual, racial or ethnic profanity are prohibited.   All reading material is subject to the five (5) item maximum.

· Under no circumstances will mail be forwarded or held for any inmate.

· Incoming/outgoing personal mail may be read to maintain building safety and security.  Legal/privileged mail may not be read without a court order.

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