Sheriff’s Summer Message:

Sheriff Wickersham

It appears as though our Summer is finally upon us. With it comes boating season, proms and graduation parties. I would like to take just a moment to talk about these exciting times.   
The Sheriff’s Marine Division deputies spent their fall and winter months teaching seventh grade Macomb County students about boating safety. Those students who scored 100% on the Boater Safety Test have been invited to the Marine Division and given a tour of the facility and a boat ride.   The Sheriff’s Office is once again proud to host this event and it coincides with Boater Safety Week which this year is May 18th_22th. As your Sheriff, I will be out on the Marine Division on Friday, May 22nd and we are hoping for a beautiful early-summer day and a glorious boat ride.
With our school year winding down, we start to see graduation announcements showing up in our mailboxes.
This is perhaps the most exciting time of the year for our graduating seniors and proud parents. Moms and Dads typically host a party to celebrate this rite-of-passage into adulthood.
This year’s celebrations are tempered by the tragic loss-of-life suffered by several young men from Macomb County out at Stony Creek Metropark on the 8th of May. Our close-knit communities were shaken by this tragedy and we are all still grieving from the loss.
Our young people certainly deserve to be proud and to celebrate their accomplishments but, as parents and responsible adults, we also need to exert positive influences in their lives. We need to be parents first, and friends to our kids second. 
If you are hosting a graduation party and you are serving alcohol, please be vigilant and aware of who is drinking at your home. As a responsible party host, parent or even just as a guest, we all need to take some responsibility for those around us.
If your kids or their friends are going to another celebration, ask them who they are going with, set some parameters, and don’t be afraid to tell them “no”. Take an active role at this important juncture in their life.  
Let your children know how much they are loved and how proud you are of them. But please, be a parent first.
Finally, as we embark on another glorious summer, get out and take advantage of the beauty that abounds in our State. Visit one of our parks, take a bike ride on the Macomb Orchard Trail, or take in a concert at Freedom Hill’s Amphitheater. 
However you do it, spend some time outside with your family. 
Have a great summer season!!
Sheriff Anthony M. Wickersham

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